Saturday is a busy night for the La Sangria Bar. Many have dinner on nearby Brunswick Street before heading on to La Sangria bar for a few drinks, and a lot of dancing.

The bar starts to fill up around 9:30pm or 10pm. The music starts fairly gently from 8pm. As the night moves on, you hear some of your all time favourites, then some Spanish music, before a little bit of current top 40 dance music, with some more Spanish songs thrown in.

Once again the bar is a busy place. You have your choice between Spanish favourites, including Sangrias, or everyday drinks that you find at any bar. Watch-out though, many people will dance on the bar.

The crowd is a little older on Saturdays, and ages vary broadly from 18 to 60, with most 25 to 35 and onwards.

For an authentic night out at a Spanish bar, you won't find better than the La Sangria Bar. Come and experience a taste of Spain this Saturday night.