Fridays at La Sangria Bar are relaxed. We focus our Friday nights for nurses and a younger audience, particularly for students at nearby Melbourne University.

We offer something a little different; A great night out in a different environment. We realise many people are tired of the same old style of entertainment every week, but want a real experience.

La Sangria is very different, because it is an authentic styled Spanish Bar. We play a combination of Spanish music with your favourite dance tunes of past and present. We have authentic Spanish drinks, as well as your normal bar favourites.

If you want a relaxing night, you can down a few drinks whilst sitting at the bar or around the tables in the back room. If you want to dance, the dancefloor is popular or you can dance on the stages or even on the bar, if you want the full experience.

It is the perfect place to drop in after dinner on Brunswick Street, or for someone who longs for a taste of Spain.